1. Book Release!
    Where: TBA
    When: 2018
    Stay tuned for my book release: When The Fire Ignites©
  2. Creative Writing Workshop
    Where: TBA
    When: TBA
    Upcoming event. Details coming soon
  3. Summer Sessions
    Where: TBA
    When: Saturday Mornings at 11 Snacks Offered.
    Although it's summer and the kids are out of school, don't let their brains rot away for 3 whole months forgetting everything they learned! Keep their minds active by getting them a tutor! We are offering summer sessions where they can learn how to construct the perfect essay. This course will teach them more than just grammar, but how to survive in any class that requires them to research and present. It will also offer a public speaking course. Another summer session will be Spanish classes! Sign your kids up; classes will fill up fast!